Carry all your passwords with you
everywhere you go

Quarking Password Manager will let you carry all your passwords, securely encrypted, anywhere.

  • Desktop Browsers - Chrome Browsers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets


Access Anywhere

Access your Passwords anywhere. Maximum-security guarantee. Encrypted with military technology.


Quarking Password Manager will fill out all login and register forms for you.

Forget about passwords

Quarking Password Manager is the only application that doesn't require a password to access all your passwords.

One Site, One Mail

• Imagine using a different e-mail for each site.
• When you don't want to receive any more mails from that site, just turn the e-mail down.
• It's so simple, you don't need to configure anything, Quarking will redirect all incoming e-mail to your main e-mail account.

Lost My Phone

Have you lost your phone? Don't worry. With Quarking Password Manager you can easily block the application and in a few seconds you'll be up and running with your new device.

Maximum privacy

Quarking Password Manager cannot decrypt your passwords. The decryption key is on your device.

Install Quarking on your Chrome Browser
and on your Smartphone

Extension Password Manager for Chrome

Computers and Browsers

The desktop version will let you enjoy all Quarking Password Manager features.
You will only need Chrome Browser and download the free extension from its Market.


SmartPhones and Tablets

With Quarking Password Manager you won't need to remember any password. Your mobile is your master key, that's why you need to have a Smartphone to be able to use Quarking Password Manager.